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Where is BigBuy based?

BigBuy is a European supplier, based in Aldaia, Spain.

What type of products does BigBuy offer in its catalog? 

BigBuy offers a catalog with a very wide range of products :

  • Cooking/gourmet
  • Sex shop/erotic
  • Sport/leisure
  • Health/beauty
  • Perfume/cosmetics
  • Fashion/accessories
  • Toys/costumes
  • Computing/Electronics

Can I sell brand-name products offered by BigBuy ? 

BigBuy holds the necessary licenses allowing you to sell brand-name products on your store as a reseller. 

Do I need to pay a subscription to work with BigBuy? 

BigBuy is a paying supplier, you will have to pay a monthly subscription before you can sell products from its catalog on your store.

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You will have to subscribe to the E-Commerce pack.

What are the delivery times? 

As a rule, BigBuy offers delivery times between 48 and 72 hours in Europe. 

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How to import products from BigBuy to my store?

You can import products from BigBuy's catalog with the Dropizi Chrome extension.

Please note: The Dropizi Chrome extension is only available on computers, you cannot import your products from a mobile or a tablet.

👉 See our tutorial Import my products from Big Buy

Why is there no DropiziRank on BigBuy?

The DropiziRank notation is only applicable to AliExpress. BigBuy is not a marketplace, its operating mode is very different from AliExpress (different controls, delivery times, chosen products). Criteria taken into account in the DropiziRank scoring (number of orders placed with the supplier, average delivery times, clients' notifications on both supplier and ordered products) have therefore little interest on BigBuy. 

How to contact BigBuy's customer service? 

If you have any question on BigBuy's services, you can contact them by phone or email. Their customer service is provided in different languages.

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You can also visit BigBuy's help center.
💬 Feel free to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!