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Remove.bg : remove your images' background to have visuals with a white background

We often recommend to highlight your product photos on a white background so as to create a real harmony on your store.  
There are free online tools that allow you to quickly and simply remove the background of your photos so that they have a white background.

Remove.bg is a tool that helps you remove the background of your images.

It is very simple to use :

  • Download the image you want to modify
  • Adjust the image if necessary
  • Remove.bg automatically removes the background of your photo.

Generally, the photo is then ready to be saved but some details may not have been detected by the tool. 
In this case, you can manually erase part of the image or restore a part that was erased :

  • Click on Edit, an editing window opens
  • Click on Erase/ Restore
    • Erase allows you to erase some content that was not taken into account by the tool.
    • Restore allows you to display again some content that was mistakenly erased by the tool.
  • On this editor, you can define the size of the brush.
  • Adjust your image and click on Download to save and download your image.
  • Your image now has a white background.

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