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Bitly: shorten and track my URLs

Bitly is an online tool with a free plan which allows you to shorten your URLs and track them.

For example, when you add a link to your store on your Instagram profile, you can add a Bitly link which will tell you the number of clicks on that URL, and you will be able to determine whether Instagram is a good source of traffic for your store.

Go to the Bitly website, and create your free account.

Creating your links

Here are the steps to create your links :

  • Click on the Create your first link button to create your first shortened link.
  • Add the URL to be shortened in the Paste Long URL box.
  • Once the link has been added, a Bitly link will automatically be generated.
  • Please note that it is not possible to create multiple shortened links for the same URL. If you want to create several shortcuts for the same URL, you can add ?src=nameofyourchoice to the end of your URL. This will allow you to generate multiple shortened links. For example:
  • Add a title to your link : You can add a title in the Title box, which will allow you to easily find your link on your account. This title is not publicly displayed.
  • Customize your link : Bitly automatically generates a URL for your shortened link. You can decide to customize this URL. For example, if the link you decide to track is your homepage, you can enter the name of your store.
  • Add a tag : Adding a tag is not compulsory, but it can help you to sort the links that you create, in order to find them more easily on your Bitly account, by clicking on the filters button.

Click analysis

The home screen of your Bitly account shows you the number of clicks on your created links, the sources of visits, the location, your top performing links, etc.

👉 For further details, don't hesitate to visit the Bitly help center.

💬 Feel free to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!