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How do I limit deliveries to certain postcodes?

Limiting your deliveries to certain postcodes prevents customers whose address you cannot deliver to from being able to order from you. This set-up is carried out directly in your delivery method.

Examples of this functionality

CASE 1: You only deliver your products to certain towns, or areas within a town.

Example: You are a restaurant owner and sell your products online, which you deliver to your customers in certain areas of your town only.
You can set up your own delivery method by limiting delivery of your products to certain postcodes, so that only customers who live within those postal areas will be able to order your products.
For example, if you carry out your business in Paris and only deliver to certain districts, you can add the relevant postcodes to your delivery method and therefore prevent customers who live in other districts from being able to place an order.

CASE 2: You apply different delivery charges depending on the postcodes.

If your carrier applies charges that vary according to the delivery distance, you can create several different delivery methods, and limit each delivery method according to postcode, and apply your chosen charges to each delivery method.
Example: Your carrier informs you that delivery in a particular region will cost €1.5 to €5 depending on the weight. You can devise your own delivery method, add the relevant postcodes for the region and apply price bands.
For a different region, the charges vary between €5 to €10 depending on the weight, you can create a second delivery method, with the relevant postcodes and corresponding charges.
You can repeat this operation as many times as required.

Set up my local delivery

To limit your deliveries to certain towns, you simply need to complete the relevant field in each delivery module, adding the postcodes to which the deliveries apply (separated by a semi-colon). Example: 06000;06100;06200;06300;06340
Only those customers who have provided their postcode in their delivery address may choose to collect from a store when placing their order.

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