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The robots.txt file


The robots.txt file is automatically generated on your store and contains all the parameters to avoid the exploration of pages that are not interesting for SEO: shopping cart page, payment page and customer account page. It is also possible to enter the different URLs that you do not want to allow to be crawled. 

To access it, head onto the SEO > Robots.txt section.

The automatic activation of the robots.txt file

The robots.txt file is automatically activated on your store. In this tab, the URL of your robots.txt file is listed.

💡 Useful tip

The robots.txt file has been automated by our team of experts for the good management of your store. No action is required.

The manual activation of the robots.txt file

It is also possible to activate a manual management of your robots.txt file. To do so, activate The robots.txt is created manually on the store button.

Once you have manually activated the robots.txt file, personalize the settings in your robots.txt file.

It is therefore possible to block certain URLs so that they are not explored.


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