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Link my business email to my email software

If you have bought your domain name on WiziShop, in Settings (cogwheel)> Domain names, or directly through Gandi.net, you can view your messages on the online interface webmail.eu.com.  

It is also possible to read your messages through your email software (such as Outlook or Thunderbird) or your online client (such as Gmail or your smartphone email).

To do this, you must use the following POP or IMAP settings:

  • Server name: mail.gandi.net
  • Port: Leave the default (110 for POP, 143 for IMAP, 995 for POP SSL, or 993 for IMAP SSL).
  • TLS or SSL security: yes (recommended).
  • Username: your full email address (e.g.: contact@mystore.com)
  • Password: enter the password you set when creating the email account.

You can also send emails from your email software by using the SMTP settings:

  • Server name: mail.gandi.net
  • Port: 25 by default, 587 if your ISP filters port 25, or 465 if you use SSL. In any case, you can try all three and use the one that works.
  • TLS or SSL security: yes (recommended). If the different ports do not work, retry 25 and 587 while disabling security.
  • SMTP authentication: yes, use the same settings as the POP/IMAP incoming account

👉 Tutorials to help you route your emails to the most common email clients:


💬 Feel free to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!