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Set up my existing domain name with IONOS

If you've ordered your domain name from IONOS, here's a step-by-step guide to setting it up on your online store.

Retrieve your DNS entries from your Administration area

In the tab Your domains names, from Settings >Domain name, click on "Add a customized domain name".

The 2 DNS entries to be retrieved will appear on the page:

  • The CNAME-type DNS entry "xxxxx.fr.mywizi.com.", which will enable you to configure your domain name with www
  • The A-type DNS entry "", which will allow you to configure your domain name without the www

We advise you to keep this page open for further configuration.

Add your DNS entries on IONOS

Go to your domain name hosting space to set up your domain name.

Creating your sub-domain on IONOS

Go to your IONOS dashboard, then to Domains and click on Create a new sub-domain.

In the Subdomain name field, enter the desired subdomain name: "www" and click Save.

☝️ Useful tips

If you wish to set up sub-domains other than "www" (e.g. "shop.mydomain.com" or "store.mydomain.com"), simply create a new sub-domain, replacing the "www" with the name of the desired sub-domain.

Add CNAME type DNS entry

  1. Go to the "Domain name" section and click on the desired domain name.
  2. Then click on the "DNS record" tab, then on "Add a record".
  3. Add your CNAME entry by entering  : 
    1. "CNAME" for the type of DNS entry
    2. "www" for prefixhost or subdomain
    3. "xxxxx.fr.mywizi.com." for the valuedestination or target
  4. Validate your entry

☝️ Good to know

If your DNS zone contains entries of type AAAA, we recommend that you delete them so that they do not conflict with the SSL certificate we offer by default.

Add A type DNS entry

Go to the list of your domain names, and click on "Use domain", then choose the "DNS" option.

Delete the AAAA entry, if any.

Modify the type A entry, already created, and add the IP address we communicate to you:

If no type A entry is displayed in the list, you'll need to create one.
To do this, click on "Add a record" and fill in the fields as follows, then save:

  1. "A" for the DNS entry type
  2. "@" for host name
  3. "" for Point to
  4. TTL : 1 hour

Add your domain name to your Administration space

Once the configuration is done on IONOS, head back to your administration area on our solution.

In the tab Your domains names, from Settings >Domain name :

  1. Click on "Add a custom domain name"
  2. Fill in your domain name with www (or configured subdomain)
  3. Register your new domain name
  4. Wait for your domain name to propagate, which can take up to 24 hours.

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