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Order segments

An exclusive system for sorting your orders by segments.

The dynamic order segment system will allow you to apply different filters in order to select specific orders.
To create an order segment, go to your administration area, section Orders > View all orders

Here are the different filters available:

  • Delivery address (to know if the customer of the order is a company or an individual)
  • Billing address (to know if the customer of the order is a company or an individual)
  • Customer age
  • Customer (select orders that correspond to one or more customers)
  • Delivery postcode
  • Order date
  • Customer email
  • Order status
  • Supplier
  • Amount of shipping costs
  • Total amount
  • Customer surname
  • Number of products in the order
  • Order number
  • Country of delivery
  • Customer first name
  • Product ordered
  • Customer gender
  • Customer company
  • Type of delivery
  • Payment type
  • City of delivery

All these filters may be combined to further refine your search.

For example, you will be able to quickly select all the orders placed in the last week, which are currently in preparation and that you must send by Chronopost.

You can also expand your segment by combining several options of the same filter. For example, the segment of orders paid by Stripe, PayPlug or 2Checkout.

You will therefore be able to create as many segments as you want. Each segment will update automatically as soon as a new order meets the selected criteria!

💬 Feel free to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!