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Helping my visitors find what they are looking for

Almost 30% of your visitors will use your store's internal search engine to access your products. It is thus essential that you help them find what they are looking for.  

To access your search statistics tool, go to Orders > Manage my search statistics. Here, you will be able to redirect your visitors to chosen pages when they are searching for specific terms.

For example, you sell cosmetics and notice that your visitors often type "lotion" in your search engine. No result comes up because your product names mostly contain the word "cream". The redirection tool will allow you here to set up a redirection to your corresponding category. When your visitors type "lotion", the search engine will immediately redirect them to your Creams category and the products they are looking for. 
A good method is to primarily study all the searches giving no result and imagine what would be the most relevant redirection:

  • Redirection to a specific product page
  • Redirection to a category or sub-category
  • Redirection to a brand (if some of your visitors misspell it, for example)
  • Redirection to another result page

💬 Feel free to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!