Create my Google Analytics account

Google's Analytics tool is free of charge. It gives you detailed statistics on your visits and your sales. 

Create my Google Analytics account

1 - Connect to Google Analytics and click on Start Measuring. Enter the name of your account, for example your business name, then tick all the boxes "Google products and services", "Benchmarking", "Technical support" and "Account Specialists". Then click on Next:  

2 - Create your property (enter your store's name). Choose your time zone and currency:
Click on Show advanced options. Activate the Create a Universal Analytics property switch. Enter your store's URL and tick the Create both Google Analytics 4 and Universal Analytics property box. Click on Next

3 - Choose your industry category according to the type of products you sell. If your line of business does not appear on the list, pick the Shopping option. Select your business size, tick the Increase my conversions and Analyse my online sales boxes, then click on Create

4 - In the pop-up window, accept the Google Analytics terms of use, make sure you choose your country of residence and tick the two boxes for accepting the terms:
Your property is now created!

Associate my Google Analytics account and my WiziShop store

Google Analytics 4 tracking ID

In the Web stream details tab, copy your measurement ID "G-..."  : 
Go to your WiziShop administration area, in Settings > Tags and external services > Google Analytics 4
Activate the service, then paste your Analytics G -... code : 


Google Universal Analytics tracking ID

To activate the Universal Analytics tracking ID, return to your Google Analytics dashboard. Click on the property name in the left hand side column: 
Select your second UA-.... property : 


In the Property column, click on Tracking info, then Tracking code:  
Copy the UA-... tracking ID  : 
Paste it in the Google Universal Analytics module in WiziShop: 

Your Google Analytics account is now linked to your store! You will now have to wait a few days, until Analytics can retrieve your first data. Note that this data is not retroactive. You will not have any statistics about the visits made before you installed Google Analytics on your store.
💬 Please contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!