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Pay my invoices

Your invoices are paid automatically, after the invoice is issued.
You can consult your invoices by heading to My account > Invoices.

If any of your bills remain unpaid, click "Pay" to restart the collection.

Fill in your billing information

From the My Account > Billing Information section, you can enter your company's billing information. This information will allow us to edit your invoices: subscriptions, commissions, other services, etc. and will be copied to your invoices issued to your customers.

☝️ Good to know

If your company is based in metropolitan France, your invoices will automatically be issued including taxes. If you benefit from the basic exemption of VAT, the declaration allowing you to recover your VAT will have to be made by you.

If you are not based in France, several rules may apply:

  • If you are in the European Union, we can invoice you without VAT only if you have filled in your intra-community VAT number, via the My Account > Billing information section. Your next invoice will then be issued without VAT.
  • If you are not in the European Union, we do not charge VAT.

Please make sure that you have indicated the correct country of the company.

Pay by bank card or credit card

To add a payment method, go to your account My account > Payment details and simply fill in your credit card information in the appropriate fields. You can change this information at any time. 

Pay by direct debit

You will need to contact the Business Coaches team to arrange this for you. All you have to do is send them your IBAN and a copy of the identity document of the person in charge of the store. Once all these documents have been received, SEPA direct debit will be activated on your account. 

⚠️ Watch Out

  • SEPA direct debit is only available for countries within the UE.
  • In case of rejection of payment by the banking institutions concerned, a rejection fee of an amount of €15 excl. Tax per failed invoice will be charged (valid only for SEPA).

Pay by PayPal

To pay your invoices via PayPal, simply connect your PayPal account in the My Account > Billing information section. A pre-authorization of $1 will be requested and may appear on your bank statement, but will not actually be debited.

💬 Feel free to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!