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I download the WiziShop mobile application

The WiziShop mobile app will give you an overview of your activity in a flash! With our mobile app, you can:

  • Monitor your turnover online
  • View, search, and filter (by status) your orders and access the details of each of them (customer’s address, products ordered, means of payment used, and so on)
  • Be the first to discover WiziShop and Dropizi’s latest products
  • Monitor how well online sales news and receive all our tips and advice
  • View all our online stores on your phone

Each showcased product will include various items of information and you will be given several options:

  • The category that contains the product
  • Add this product to your favorites
  • See the product on AliExpress
  • The sale price of the product
  • The minimum delivery charges applied
  • The retail price recommended by Dropizi
  • The margin that you could achieve with this product
  • The number of times this product has been sold on AliExpress
  • The product’s DropiziRank
  • Skip this product/View another product
  • Return to the previous product page
  • Import this product to my store

If you have several stores, make sure that you have logged in to the correct store when you import your products.

How do I download the WiziShop app?



How do I download the Dropizi app?


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