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"Awaiting payment" order status

The "Awaiting payment" order status shows that our system cannot check if the order has been validated.
With a credit card payment, interfacing between our platform and that of the payment agencies we propose (PayPlug, PayPal, etc.) allows an instant confirmation of the payment. Our system receives the information from the payment agency and automatically changes your order into the status "Awaiting preparation". 

When the payment method is not interfaced with our platform (customized payment providers, check and bank transfer), our system has no way to know if the payment has been validated as these modules do not require a link to our platform. 

With these modules, you should check manually if you received your client's payment (bank transfer, check, external payment). For this reason, the order has the "Awaiting payment" status. 
When the payment is received, you can modify the order status and prepare the parcel.
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