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The Dropizi extension doesn't seem to work. What is going on?

If you can't import your products or you don’t see our DropiziRank tool on AliExpress, please check the following points to find out what is causing the problem:

  • Are you on a computer? Remember that you can’t import your products from a mobile or tablet.
  • Have you logged in to your account on the Dropizi extension?
  • Does your browser have an ad blocking extension such as AdBlock or a VPN? If yes, deactivate it and carry out another import test.
  • Close and open a new window in Chrome.
  • Clear your browser cache to reset your browsing data.
  • Remove and reinstall your Dropizi extension.
  • Check that you are using the latest version of Chrome, and update it if that’s not the case (go to the settings menu to the right of your address bar).


💬 If the problem remains, please contact your Business Coaches!