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Stock and delivery: BigBuy



The quantity of pieces left in the stock is visible on each BigBuy product page.
On our platform, the Pro Plan allows your store’s and your supplier’s stock levels to be synchronized. Your stock will be updated each day, according to the stock units available on BigBuy, with a safety margin of 5 units per item.


What are the delivery times and costs? 

Delivery times and costs are given to you when you place the order, in your BigBuy cart.

How can I reproduce these delivery methods on my store? 

This tutorial explains how to add your dropshipping delivery methods and inform your customers:

👉 Dropizi: Delivery

How long does it take to prepare and ship an order on BigBuy? 

BigBuy generally prepares and ships your orders within 24h to 48h.

Will I receive a tracking number for the parcels that have been sent? 

Once you have placed your order, a parcel tracking code will be available on your BigBuy account, so that you can follow your products' delivery.

Will my clients know that the product is sent by BigBuy? 

BigBuy's dropshipping service uses Logistic Operator as a carrier. On the delivery slip, BigBuy includes your name and your logo. 

💬 Feel free to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!