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Setting up Colissimo via ColiShip


Some services of the Coliship solution are only available in French. Working with this supplier will require some proficiency in French.


Do you wish to use Colissimo’s Coliship tool and automate the production of your labels? Follow the few following steps carefully:

Sign up to the Colissimo Entreprises and ColiShip web services.

The first step involves signing up to a Colissimo Businesses contract with webservice access to be able to stamp your parcels. Go directly to the Colissimo website to sign up to Colissimo Facility or Colissimo Privilege, which will enable you to activate the ColiShip tool. Please ask their sales support team to contact you should you need assistance.
Once you have carried out all the steps on Colissimo, you will be able to download the ColiShip software on your computer and start to set up your module.

Set up your Colissimo module in WiziShop

New Colissimo module

The following step will consist in setting up your Colissimo module in WiziShop. You will be able to enjoy all Colissimo’s new parcel monitoring options with the Coliship tool interface with WiziShop. In order to be able to set up these options directly from your administration area, your team has developed a new Colissimo delivery module especially for ColiShip.

☝️ Please note that if you are using the older Colissimo module (carbon-neutral delivery), you will still be able to use ColiShip, but you will not have the benefit of all the ColiShip tracking options. We therefore strongly recommend that you transfer to the new module in order to enjoy all the functionalities that Colissimo has to offer.

The specific features of the new Colissimo module:

Setting up the new Colissimo module will be similar to the other WiziShop delivery methods (👉 see our section on help with setting up delivery methods), but with a few specific features:

  • If you would like to offer Colissimo ColiShip home delivery and collection points. it couldn’t be easier. Simply set up the two corresponding modules, using the same login details for both.
  • The set-up of the Colissimo section in the module will be synchronized with your ColiShip tracking tool. The delivery with signature activation on WiziShop will automatically tick the “delivery with signature” box when your customer places an order (if that is your preferred option). Your customer will be able to untick the box if they wish:



  • Activating the parcel tracking will activate the automatic change of order status. This means that by activating this option, the orders that are delivered will automatically change to the Delivery in progress status in WiziShop, without the need for you to take any action at all:

Setting up ColiShip

Now that your Colissimo delivery method(s) is/are set up on WiziShop, it is time to set up your ColiShip tool in order to automate the production of your labels.


1. Log in to ColiShip

To set up ColiShip, you must first ensure that you sign in to your Colissimo account from two different points:


  • The ColiShip software (that you will be able to download on your computer once you sign in to the online interface):


  • Once the software has been downloaded, you can launch it and sign in using your Colissimo login details:

    Once you have signed in, the software pop-up will automatically close, and you will be able to access the ColiShip section of the interface:


2. Set up your order exports

When you first export your order to ColiShip, a certain number of set-ups will be necessary. These set-ups will only need to be carried out once and will enable the entire stamping process to be automated for your next orders.

From the Orders > View All Orders, menu Other Actions, the first step will consist in exporting your pending Colissimo orders (👉 refer to the Export My Order tutorial if necessary):


The Export To ColiShip option will generate a ZIP file in which you will find a file in FMT format.

  • This FMT file will have to be downloaded in the Settings Import Your ColiShip Interface Online section:

  • Next go to the “Export" tab, top right, and activate the export of the parcel details:



  • The Type of export must be on "When printing the parcel label
  • Select a destination folder on your computer, which will contain the ColiShip export files (export file output path)
  • Give your file a name (Naming the file)
  • The Characteristics must be "Delimited” and the "The file contains a header” box must be ticked


  • In the Fields to be exported, untick all the boxes that been ticked by default and only tick the "Parcel number” and “Order reference number” fields.
  • Make sure that you confirm your settings at the bottom of the page

You can now export all your future Colissimo orders from the Orders > View all Orders, menu "Other Actions > Export To ColiShip" section of the WiziShop admin and import them on to ColiShip. To import them on to ColiShip, go to the "Automated" section in the left-hand menu, then click on “Select your file” in the left-hand menu, to import your “WiziShop Orders” CVS:


You will be able to check/change the information for each of your orders, if necessary, by clicking on the small pencil. Once you have checked all your orders, click on “Print All” to generate all the labels for printing.
Your ColiShip file with the tracking numbers will be available in your download folder. You can then import it on to WiziShop, from the list of orders and "Import From ColiShip" in the Other Actions menu.


Once you have confirmed the import, a background task will be generated. When the import is complete, your orders will automatically be updated and changed to “Delivery in progress” status, with their respective tracking numbers, and an email sent automatically to your customer to inform them that their order has been shipped.
You now simply need to track your parcels from the Parcel Tracking tool on ColiShip.

💬 Please do not hesitate to your Business Coaches should you have any questions!