How Upsell works

To optimize your sales funnel and increase your average cart value, you will be able to set up different combinations of Upsell offers:
The example above details these different possibilities: 

  • Your customer arrives on the cart summary page. 
  • When they click "Confirm cart", your store will offer them Offer A (at a reduced price for only a few minutes, with a countdown timer).
  • The customer can accept ( 1 ) or refuse ( 2 ) this Offer A




( 1 ) First option: 

If your customer accepts Offer A, you can also offer them an Offer B (still at a reduced price for a few minutes only). Your customer can accept or refuse this second offer, and proceed to payment. 

( 2 ) Second option: 

If the customer refuses Offer A, you can then offer them Offer C, which they can also accept or refuse here, and then proceed to payment.

How do I set up Upsell offers on my store?

First, go to the Marketing > Upsell section. Then enable the Upsell option:
The first step here will be to choose your first Upsell offer. When your customer arrives at the confirmation stage of their cart, which product do you want to offer them at an exclusive reduced price, for a limited time? 
👉 The products you offer in Upsell will be offered for each cart, so you will have to choose them well. We recommend selecting generic products, which will suit your entire catalog, and make sure to offer them at a price that will allow you to remain profitable. Upsell is ideal for clearing stock and products on which you can make a large profit. 
Here, choose the first product to offer by searching for it in your catalog by name, ID or reference:

Once you have chosen your product, you will be able to specify the title of your first offer, as well as the hook to display below:


Then set the price at which you will offer your product. The left field shows you your usual retail price for this product:


Also, choose the duration of the discount for the countdown:


Here's what it looks like on your store:


👉 Congratulations! Your offer A is set up!

You can now decide whether or not to offer additional offers on your shopping cart depending on whether your customer accepts or refuses this offer A. The first option is the simplest here: whether your customer accepts or refuses this exceptional offer, you simply offer them the possibility to finalize their order and proceed to payment:

Go further with Upsell:

If you have other interesting products to offer to your customers, you can go further in the configuration of Upsell by proposing an offer B and an offer C: 

☝️ Remember: all your Upsell offers must contain generic products, which will fit your entire catalog, and at a price that will allow you to stay profitable.

The configuration of your offers B and C will work in the same way as for offer A: 

Choose your product and fill in your title, your hook, your discounted sale price, as well as the duration of the discount:
Whether these offers are accepted or refused by your customer, they will lead to the finalization of the order and your customer can proceed to payment.

Feel free to perform several tests to determine which is the most attractive sales funnel for your customers!
💬 Do not hesitate to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!