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Stock and delivery : 01supply


The available stock quantities of products are directly indicated on each product sheet.

The synchronization of the stock of products in the "Inventory" between 01supply and your store is automatic for the integrated suppliers, but must be done manually, to date, for products sold on Etsy.


What are the delivery times and costs? 

The delivery times and the applicable rates are indicated on each product sheet.

How to transcribe these delivery methods on my store?

In dropshipping, you don't manage the delivery of your orders, your supplier does. However, you will have to transcribe them on your store by creating a personalized delivery mode. Don't hesitate to create as many delivery methods as there are delivery types and times and to assign them manually to your products.

Can I get the tracking number of the packages sent?

Once your order has been shipped by your supplier, they will add the tracking number to the shipping information. You can obtain this tracking number by going to your "Orders" section and enter it for your customer when placing your order in "In progress" on your WiziShop/Dropizi administration space. Thus, your customer will automatically get the delivery tracking information by email.


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