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Presentation of 01supply

Where is 01supply based?

01supply is a French marketplace that gathers 2 types of suppliers:

  • French, European and US artisanal and local suppliers verified in dropshipping
  • Sellers on the Etsy marketplace

What type of products does 01supply offer in its catalog? 

01supply presents a variety of products coming from local and artisanal suppliers in order to stimulate the economy of the craft industry in France and in Europe while promoting ecological and proximity items:

  • Jewelry and accessories
  • Clothing
  • Furniture
  • Decoration
  • Kitchen
  • Accessories for pets

Do I need to pay a subscription to work with 01supply? 

01supply offers a free version that will allow you to import 9 products on your store, from their catalog.

To have more options with their service, you will have to subscribe to one of their monthly subscriptions.

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What are the delivery times? 

Delivery times depend on the origin of the product as well as the destination of the delivery. They also vary depending on the suppliers: Etsy or dropshipping seller.

👉 Stock and Delivery : 01supply

How to import products from 01supply to my store?

01supply products can be imported directly from your 01supply account.

Unlike other Dropizi providers, 01supply does not work with the Dropizi extension, however, you can connect to this provider via the extension.

👉 Import my products from 01supply

Why is there no DropiziRank on 01supply?

The DropiziRank notation is only applicable to AliExpress. 01supply pre-selects all its suppliers according to strict eligibility criteria. You can unlock the winning products feature on your 01supply account to find the trendy products of the moment.

How to contact 01supply's customer service? 

A chat is available on your 01supply account.

You can also contact them by sending an email to: support@01supply.com


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