Partnership - Services


You will find the Services tab in the Partnership section of your WiziShop Partners account (you must be a WiziShop partner to access this section).



The Services section of your Partnership section is used to present your different services to the customers of the WiziShop group.

It is the content of the partner files present on our site


  • In order to publish your file, you have to fill in : 
  • The language of the file (French or English)
  • The name of your service (Caution, it is the name of your service and not the name of your brand)
  • The category of your service
  • The catchphrase
  • The concept of your service
  • The advantages of your service
  • How your service works
  • Logo (1024x576px, ratio 16:9)
  • A presentation image (700x700px min)
  • Images gallery (min 1024x576px)
  • Video url (optional)
  • Details of your offer, if you give a discount to WiziShop group customers
  • Pricing


☝️ In order to publish your service page in French and English, you will need to create a page  in French and a new service page in English.


☝️You can create as many pages as you have services available.


☝️ Please note that your service pages are subject to validation and will only be published once validated by our WiziShop Partners team.