SEO partners and tools

The implementation of different strategies is necessary for the development but also the daily management of your online store.

In the SEO > SEO Partners and tools section, we provide a list of WiziShop's partner SEO agencies and popular tools.


The SEO optimization:

SEO is one of the required strategies for your online store to be correctly rank in the search engine results: 

Logs analysis:

The analysis of logs allows to recreate perfectly the path of Googlebot on your site:

Audits & crawls :

LThe SEO audit will allow you to make an analysis of the status of your store. The crawl will allow you to extract the URLs of your site to perform a more thorough analysis:

Pages analysis:

The optimization of your store's pages requires a thorough analysis of them: what elements are missing? Are they properly optimized?

Semantic optimization:

Semantic optimization consists in gathering a set of pages with a specific structure dealing with a specific subject:

Ranking analysis:

In order to make the ranking of your store and your SEO more effective, it is important to know the position of your targeted keywords:

Keyword research:

Keyword research is a key process in your SEO strategy. This process is the foundation of your store's SEO optimization:

Backlink analysis:

One of the SEO strategies is to share your link to other websites. The better the site, the more relevant it will be to increase your store's reputation:

Web performance analysis:

There are several ways to measure the success of your business. You can analyze how successful your store is by the trafic you will receive, loyalty programs:

Images optimization:

Working on the SEO, as well as the size and weight of your images is important as it helps you rank better on Google Images:

Netlinking platforms :

Netlinking is a strategy that allows you to promote your online store on several websites:

The topic clusters:

The purpose of topic clusters is to create a specific internal linking to optimize the SEO of your online store:


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