Setting up Royal Mail

Royal Mail is one of the United Kingdom’s largest postal operators. To set Royal Mail up on your store, go to Settings (Cogwheel) > Manage my delivery options, and then click on "Add a delivery option". In the "Home delivery" tab, select the "Royal Mail" option:


Enter the required information (title, description, etc.):


  • Enter "Royal Mail" as the title

  • Enter your carrier code if required (this field is optional and only needs to be completed if you wish to export your catalog to marketplaces. It tells the marketplace which delivery method to associate to each product in order to allocate a reference number to it)

  • Write a short description of your delivery method (state the average delivery time and any applicable shipping fees, for example)

  • Select the country or countries to which you deliver

  • If you only deliver to one particular country and want to limit delivery to certain areas only, enter the corresponding postcodes.

  • Next, specify how your shipping fees are calculated:


👉 Find out more about Royal Mail shipping fees

Select which products from your catalog will be delivered through Royal Mail:


Note: If you have numerous products, and there are only a few that you don’t want to ship using Royal Mail, apply the delivery method to all your products, and then go through your list of products to exclude them from the Royal Mail delivery option: 👉 Add or delete a delivery method from several products

  • Set your shipping time, and choose whether it will be displayed in your ordering process and in the order confirmation emails:


💡 The delivery time calculation is based on business days. Weekends and bank holidays are not included.


Click on “business days” to include Saturday and Sunday if needed.

  • You can customize the logo of your Royal Mail delivery option (each option comes with a default logo).
  • Next, specify the applicable VAT:


  • Then, choose whether you offer free delivery over a certain purchase value:


Next, click on Set up shipping costs and specify your price bands. We recommend that you base these on Royal Mail shipping fees.

💬 Feel free to contact your Business Coaches should you have any questions!