What is WiziShop Partners ?


WiziShop Partners is the program dedicated to partners of the WiziShop group.

So, what is the WiziShop group?

The WiziShop group comprises 3 brands: WiziShop, Dropizi, and Evolup.

WiziShop is an e-commerce solution that will convince and support your clients in their online store creation project with:

+400 features already included in subscriptions;

ultra-performing SEO with +50 technical optimizations;

its own Artificial Intelligence for content writing;

a team of experts to support our e-merchants: the Business Coaches;

and, finally, a flexible and ultra-complete solution to meet all needs.

Dropizi is an e-commerce solution specialized in dropshipping. It offers the same technological advantages as WiziShop and also integrates catalogs from suppliers such as Aliexpress, BigBuy, Brandsdistribution, BusyXPro, Dropix, and Webdrop.

Evolup is an AI-boosted online store creation solution for affiliation. Like Dropizi, it uses the same technology as WiziShop, and with the help of our AI, Evolup allows you to find your product niche, brand name, slogan, and of course, write your product sheets and blog articles. Finally, we have integrated with Amazon, so you can import products and synchronize stocks and prices in real-time.

How does WiziShop Partners work?

In your administration space, you can find two distinct areas:

  • An Affiliate space
  • A Partnership space
  1. The affiliate program allows anyone to generate additional income by:
  • promoting WiziShop group solutions to your clients, your community, and your network;
  • creating e-commerce sites on WiziShop group solutions.
  1. The Partnership program allows companies to become partners of the WiziShop group. This way, you can offer your solution and services to thousands of e-merchant clients on WiziShop group solutions. In this space, you can find:
  • A tool to create your partner profile and promote your services.
  • A tool dedicated to managing your leads.

To learn more, check out our WiziShop Partners presentation video: