Can I sell a digital product on my store?

The WiziShop solution specializes in hosting online stores. This means that only the sale of material products can be offered on our stores. However, you’ll be able to offer dematerialized products by configuring a few specific elements. This type of product will require that you manually send your product via email, but the order management can be automated.

Create a digital product page

The first step will be to create a dedicated product page for your product. Creating a digital product page will be similar to creating that of a physical product. You can even add variations if needed. However, some elements will have to be configured differently:

Disable stock

Since you’re selling a digital product, you don't need to manage your product stock. You can therefore disable it from the Price & Stock tab of your product page, in the Stock section :




☝️ Note that if you would like to sell your digital product in limited numbers (as part of a special operation, for example), your stock management must be activated and configured as a physical product. You’re selling a limited number of products, you must therefore enter a stock so that it decrements automatically when your customers order it.

Configure the weight of your product

Since your product is not a material product, you won't need to associate weight with it. On your product page, you will simply have to set your product's weight at 0 g in the Delivery tab, in the Product weight section:




Disable delivery

As your digital product is not physically sent, you can disable delivery in the section below:




Send product

When you receive orders, you must send your product manually. You will need to retrieve the email address of your customer from their order, then send them your digital product by email.
💬 Don’t hesitate to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!