Shopping Ads : Validate my domain name

When you create your Shopping Ads campaign, you may encounter an error on WiziShop that is linked to your domain name. Checking the domain name of your store allows Google to ensure that the products offered in your ads match the website selling them. Your Google Merchant Center account should have a unique URL corresponding to the format expected by Google. 


If you encounter an error when you validate your domain name, there may be two reasons:

1. The domain name is already in use:

When you set up your Shopping Ads campaign on your WiziShop dashboard, you are offered two options for your Google Merchant Center account. You can select an existing Merchant account or create a new account.

If you choose to create a new one but already have an existing Google Merchant Center account (you wish to have two distinct ones, for example), make sure that your domain name is not already linked to another account. Google's principle of uniqueness requires that a domain name is linked to only one Merchant Center account. 

To check whether your domain name is already linked to another Merchant Center account, log in your existing account (, then click on the cogwheel in the menu in the top right corner, then Business information:

In the Website tab, check the content in the Your website address field. If this address is the same as the one entered when you created your account on WiziShop, you should delete it so as to make it accessible to our system:

⚠️ Caution: if you have ongoing Google Ads campaigns on this account, they will be stopped automatically because they will have no more associated domain name. 

2. The domain name is different:

If you chose to associate an existing Google Merchant Center account to your Shopping Ads campaign and a domain name is already linked to it, you should check that it is the same domain name. The path to access the Your website address section is the same as above. Check that your domain name is the same as the one for your WiziShop store:

If it not the case, delete the existing domain name and enter the right one. 
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