Add links to my store

To facilitate your visitors’ browsing on your store and optimize your SEO, in addition to working on your tree structure, it may be useful to set up some internal linking to link different parts of your store to each other. Adding links on WiziShop can be done freely and on any part of your store. 

What type of links can I add to my store?

You can add any type of link! This may be an internal URL to your store, an external URL, a document or a video.

Where can I add my links?

You can add links:

  1. On your homepage (in the announcement bar, the menu, the body of the page, the reassurance elements and the footer).
  2. On your category pages
  3. On your product pages
  4. On your information pages
  5. On your blog
  6. On your cart page

1.  Add a link to my homepage

There are many ways to customize your homepage. You can add links : 



2.  Add a link to my category pages

You can a link to your category pages in the text block of each of your category pages (Products > Categories section, Edit category button): 


3. Add a link to my product pages

You can add a link to your product pages directly in the Long description block (Information tab) : 


4.  Add a link to my informative pages

As for the homepage, adding a link to your information pages is done with WiziBlocks:




5.  Add a link to my blog

To add a link to your blog articles, go directly to the relevant article (Content > Your posts , Edit article button:


6.  Add a link in my shopping cart

Here, there are two ways to add a link to your cart page :

  • Either you have a special offer in progress, in which you want to add a link:


💬 Don’t hesitate to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!