Google Analytics : link my Analytics account to the WiziShop statistics system

To access your Wizishop statistics tool, go to the section Orders > Statistics > Access statistics.
This tool operates on both Google Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4.
Here we will link your Google Analytics account to your WiziShop store as you will get there the data necessary to produce your statistics. We will be able to rely on visit data that is reliable and permanently updated and directly transcribe it on your administration space.
Moreover we will enrich it with your sales data (your orders, your clients, your products, etc.). You will have an extensive overview of your store so as to manage it efficiently.

  • Click on the button « Login Google Analytics » then enter your Google Analytics IDs:


  • Choose the right project / account, the right store and click on « Select »:
  • You are ready to view your statistics on visits and sales!

☝️ Good to know

To stop internal traffic (your own visits to your store) from affecting your data, we recommend that you set up a filter according to your IP address. This filter allows you to get more accurate statistics about your real traffic. Instructions to set up this filter are to be found in the Google help center (if you operate on the G4 version, you should follow this help section).
💬 Feel free to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!