Shopping Ads : most frequent errors reported by Google

When you create your Shopping Ads campaign, you may encounter an error on your Wizishop administration space or on your Google services. The Shopping Ads solutions being linked to the tools Google Merchant Center and Google Ads, some actions should be done on associated Google services so as to solve these errors.

Google Ads account: Impossible to create the campaign



If you receive this error message on WiziShop, you should first check in the browser extension. Adblockers may sometimes affect the creation process of a Shopping Ads campaign. If your adblocker is activated in your browser, deactivate it and refresh the page. Then start the campaign creation process again.

Associated Google Merchant Center accounts

If you still receive this error message after your adblocker has been deactivated, you should then go to your Google Merchant Center account. If your Merchant Center account already has a Google Ads account associated to it, our system will not be able to assign a new one to it. Only one Google Ads account can be linked to your Merchant Center account (and inversely). Here is how to check if your account is already associated:


  • Check if a Google Ads account already exists in Other Google Ads accounts


If you already have an associated Google Ads account, you just need to dissociate it. Once your account is dissociated, you can go back to the WiziShop administration space and resume the creation of your campaign.
If you already have an account in this section but it is not associated, you can ignore it. It should not be a problem for the management of your Shopping Ads campaign. 

Google Merchant Center : Problems related to articles




To correct errors linked to your products in your Product diagnostic in Merchant Center, you should follow the different procedures detailed in Google's help center:

  • If your account has been suspended for non-compliance with the rules, the following Google instructions will help you solve the problem: Click here
  • If errors concern specifications linked to your products (google_product_category), you should check that the section "Additional information for shopping guides" in the tab Product page > SEO has been filled in accordance to the rules set by Google. 

Here is some Google help showing you how to enter this information.

  • If your products are refused for not respecting Google's rules, this documentation will help you understand Google's rules : Click here

Note that your shop should be open to the public and perfectly optimized: customized texts, quality visuals, General Conditions of use and legal notices in conformity, etc.

👉 Good to know: your errors should be corrected by Google support center. WiziShop cannot do anything as our system is also dependent on Google's decision. This can take some time and you will need to be patient. Do not hesitate to get in touch with Google's support center again if necessary. 

Google Ads : Suspicious activity has been detected in your payment operations 

Google might inform you that the payment method you entered is known as fraudulent. As Google may not identify the entered method of payment at once, it is recommended to contact their support to solve the problem. There are two possibilities here:

  • Go to your Google Ads administration space and click on "Contact Support" in the alert banner displayed on your account
  • Follow the instructions present in the email you received from Google so as to contact their support center

You can also fill in the dedicated contact form: Click here.
You will have to be patient until Google validates your method of payment. You can then get on with your Shopping Ads campaign. 

💬 Do not hesitate to contact your Business Coaches if you encounter any difficulties!