Shopping Ads: Exporting my catalog to Google Merchant Center

To begin advertising on Google through the Shopping Ads tool, the first step involves configuring your catalog on Google Merchant Center, which will support your Google Ads campaigns. 

However, a number of prerequisites must be met before you get started on Shopping Ads: 

Connecting to Google Merchant Center

After making sure you meet all the prerequisites for managing a Merchant Center catalog, you can start to configure it. Go to the Marketing section Shopping Ads and connect to your Google account (the one associated with your Merchant Center account if you already have one, or the one from which you want to create one if not). Accept the authorizations given to WiziShop to manage your campaigns:


Then connect to your Merchant Center account (Connect to an existing account) if you already have an account. If you don't have an account yet, you can create it now (Create a new account):

To create your new account:

  • Enter the name of your store (this is an internal name, which will only be visible to you)
  • Indicate whether your store sells adult products or not (the products that you classify as adult products in the next step will be automatically refused by the Merchant Center and will not be used for your campaigns. 👉 Go to Google Help to find out more)
  • Accept the Merchant Center terms of use
  • Then click on Create a Google Merchant Center account

Please note: once your Merchant Center account has been created via WiziShop, you can connect to it directly from Google if necessary. 

Catalog settings

Now your Merchant Center account has been created, you can start setting up your product catalog and link your categories. 

Product selection




Choose here the products that you want to display on Google Ads, either by selecting your entire catalog (All the products), or a selection of products. 

👉 Good to know : on Google, the more products your campaign contains, the more likely it is to convert. We therefore recommend that you include all of your products, especially if this is your first Google Ads campaign. Once you’ve collected enough data on your first campaigns carried out, you will then be able to determine your best products and focus your budget on this selection of products. 


Once your selection of products has been completed, click on Link your categories in the top right. This is an important step, because it will speed up the validation of your products by replacing your own categories with Google's when your catalog is processed by the Merchant Center.

Take the time to correctly associate your categories with Google categories. We recommend that you associate them manually because the automatic association performed by Google can sometimes be incorrect. Once these steps are completed, click on Next step

You now have to enter your payment method in your new Google Ads account. Go to your Gmail mailbox and accept the email invitation, which will redirect you to your Google Ads account. Go to Tools and settings > Billing, in the Summary section, and enter the payment method of your choice:

Back in WiziShop, click on the Complete my registration button. 

 👉 You can now start creating your Smart Shopping campaigns!

💬 Don’t hesitate to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!