What is influencer marketing?

  Bloggers and influencers are individuals who enjoy a high level of internet fame. They are often considered as real experts in their field, and their choices are therefore very often followed.

Why use an influencer strategy?

The influencer strategy, commonly referred to as influencer marketing, has a bright future. Recent studies show that in over the past few years, the time spent on social networks has increased year on year and, since 2019, has overtaken the average time spent watching TV.

Influencers are closely listened to by their followers. If an influencer mentions one of your items, there is a very good chance that all or most of their followers will also take an interest in your products.

Product placement by a well-known influencer is therefore a really good strategy for an online store.


The criteria for selecting an influencer

An influencer’s fame alone is not sufficient to establish whether or not a collaboration would work.

There needs to be a study into their followers’ level of engagement, how they attracted their subscribers, their audience profile and its propensity to be interested in your product, as well as the necessary budget to develop a collaboration.
If your goal is to gain significant visibility at a reasonable cost, you should consider a strategy involving micro (5000 to 20,000 followers) and middle influencers (22,000 to 100,000 followers). Numerous studies have shown that followers’ engagement and the level of confidence in influencers with smaller numbers of followers are higher compared to a mega influencer (+100,000 followers). Nano-influencers (less than 5000 followers) should not be overlooked. They are regular and enthusiastic consumers who enjoy sharing their passion. The closer relationship that they have with their followers generally allows them to communicate more directly and to raise a very high level of engagement and confidence.

Our advice: the level of engagement is an excellent tool for comparing influencers’ posts between them and identifying the types of adverts that work the best. The goal here is to compare the adverts of influencers who are in the same category in terms of numbers of followers. You should also bear in mind that certain topics attract more engagement than others (e.g.: beauty vs video games)

How to contact an influencer?

Before contacting an influencer, keep in mind that influencers receive a huge amount of messages every day and that their time is therefore precious. For most of them it isn’t even a full-time occupation. Some of them are students, others are employees within a company, or even working freelance.

Less than 50% of influencers view their activity as a means of promoting a brand. You will therefore have to be convincing.
The collaboration brief that you propose to an influencer (a simple placement product, a recurring partnership, a content production or an ambassador partnership) will also influence their decision as to whether or not to work with you.
Before getting in touch, you should therefore:


  1. Carry out some research in order to gain a good understanding of the influencer’s profile:
  • Their situation (where are they from, what do they do in life?
  • Their interests
  • What drives them (e.g.: passion, communicate a message, earn money…)
  • Their audience (who are these people?)
  • Partnerships that they are already involved in (if you are a direct competitor of a recurring partner brand, it will be difficult to obtain a favorable response to an offer of partnership).

    2. Get noticed:
    As influencers are very often in demand, start by leaving discerning comments on their posts. Comments that will encourage discussion will get you noticed. Never pass up an opportunity to jump on an issue that the influencer openly complains about.

To get in touch:

If the influencer publically displays their email address on one of their social networks, it is best to contact them directly using that address. If this is not the case, contact them by private messaging on the social network on which they are the most active. It is often harder to ignore a private message than an email as delivery notifications and read receipts are very common on social networks. If the influencer has read your message but has not replied, it is probably because they are not interested. It could well be, however, that they are interested, but that they have simply forgotten to reply (remember that they are someone who receives a very large number of messages every day). Don’t hesitate to send the message a couple more times to make sure that your message has been read.

What budget is needed for an influencer strategy?

Rare are the influencers who will agree to a collaboration without financial reward. However, in the case of nano-influenceurs, sending test products in exchange for being featured in a post is common currency. If the product is attractive, there is a chance that the influencer will agree to your proposal.
Generally speaking, it is very difficult to assess the cost of a collaboration, because this is no standard table of fees. There are many criteria to take into account (the influencer’s power, the type of product, the complexity of the brief, the influencer’s country, and so on).

In France:

  • On Instagram, the price of a post on the account of an influencer with 50,000 followers varies between €250 and €750
  • On Facebook, a post on the account of an influencer with 50,000 followers costs between €200 and €500
  • On YouTube, the cost of a video in partnership that attracts 10,000 views is between €500 and €1000


The tools for searching for and analyzing influencers

There are many influencer search tools:

  • Favikon (FR) - international catalog of over 6 million influencers on Instagram and a tool for checking the quality of the influencer with a scoring system.
  • Stellar – international catalog of over 10 million influencers and audience quality and profile analysis tool
  • HypeAuditor – catalog of over 10 million influencers with Instagram, TikTok, YouTube accounts. The tool incorporates a "quality score". HypeAuditor has a free version for tracking the performance of a single account.
  • Socialbakers – geared towards the larger accounts (between €200 and €400/month exclusive of influencers’ remuneration)

💡 Good to know: Most of these tools have a free trial version.

The free tools

There are also tools that are less powerful than those listed above, but that have the advantage of being free. 

💬 Feel free to contact your Business Coaches should you have any questions!