Advanced plan : dedicated IP

The hosting we propose on WiziShop is a mutualized hosting, as on most ecommerce platforms. It means that our stores are hosted on the same servers and share the same IP address. This mutualization is the most common hosting system on the Internet. 

With our Advanced plan, you have a dedicated IP. This option is not available for the Standard and Pro offers. Having a dedicated IP means that you have your own IP address. You are still hosted on our servers of course but in another location.

This unique IP will be visible by Google, this is what makes it interesting. The shared IP and the dedicated IP operate in the same way, but a dedicated IP will have Google believe that you have your own infrastructure.

Having your own infrastructure shows to Google that the loading time of your pages should be faster, as you are not impacted by other sites sharing the same address. Google likes the fact that your pages will load faster than average. Note however that the pages' loading time on WiziShop is 100% optimized on ALL our stores. The dedicated IP is simply a more advanced technique so that Google notices you even better.

Likewise, regarding spams, Google may mistrust websites sharing a range of IP addresses with spammers, junk blogs or other infringers on their « best practices » (do not worry, this is not the case on WiziShop). They are therefore very interested in websites with an individual IP address.

Note that the dedicated IP address is mostly a boost to your SEO and that it is targeting well established websites with a lot of traffic. A dedicated IP address will be useful in the context of high quality content, strong site architecture and more generally daily work on the website ranking. 
💬 Please contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!