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Sagenda: Offer a booking system on my store

Sagenda is an online booking software package that will allow your customers to make an appointment for your services. It is a free tool that works in the same way as a virtual assistant, via a fully responsive system (optimized display on computer, mobile and tablet).

The paid version of the solution will give you access to more customization options, but your store will be able to benefit from a perfectly functional booking system from the free version. 
Without any booking limit, and available 24/7, Sagenda will also send you email notifications for each of your booked appointments.

How do I create my Sagenda calendar? 

Here are the few steps to follow to create your Sagenda calendar: 

  • Create a free account by going to www.sagenda.com
  • Then follow the instructions on your dashboard to create a first bookable item and your available booking periods.
  • Once your calendar is established, you can return to your dashboard in the left menu, and select the HTML code to be copied (Mobile & Calendar view is preferable)
  • Click on the HTML button, then on Copy HTML code in the new window that opens.

Don’t hesitate to contact Sagenda support in the chat bubble at the bottom right of your area if necessary. 

How do I add my Sagenda calendar to my store? 

You now have several possibilities for the location of your calendar. Everything here will depend on the type of booking you’re offering. 

Adding your calendar on the homepage or on a dedicated informative page

You can use WiziBlocks here.

Go to Content > Homepage Content or Your pages, depending on where you want to put your calendar. Then add a WiziBlock HTML Code to your page.

You just have to replace line 2 with your Sagenda code (Keeping the <div> of lines 1 and 3).

Adding your calendar on certain product pages

You can add it to the long description. Go to the Source mode of the block.
Place your cursor right at the end of the lines of code you see and paste your Sagenda code. 
The management of your bookings will then be done directly from your Sagenda dashboard!
💬 Feel free to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!