Find the URLs of my pages

Certain configurations, such as creating a Call-To-Action button or a landing page, sometimes require you to find the URL of some of your pages. This tutorial will help you easily retrieve the URLs you’re looking for. 


The first step in finding your URLs is to go directly to your store. Nothing could be easier here. Click on the View my website button at the top right of your WiziShop administration area.

The address displayed in your browser's address bar is the URL of your homepage:

Category pages

Once on your homepage, all you need to do is browse your store to find the pages you’re looking for. In your menu (whether classic or enriched), click on the categories that you’ve created:
 Here you’ll also find their URL in your browser's address bar: 

💡 Good to know

If your category doesn’t appear in your menu, a quick glance at our checklist of checks to perform may help you. You can also find the URL of your categories directly in the list of categories in the administration area:

⚠️ Watch out

Please note, the URLs listed in your administration area don’t include your domain name (to make it easier to read). So always remember to add it if you copy and paste this URL somewhere.

Product pages

Now that you’re on your category pages, go to your product pages by simply clicking on the desired page. The same thing applies here: to find the URL of your product page, go to the browser's address bar: 
If your product page isn’t online, you can find its URL in the administration area, by going directly to the relevant product page, SEO tab:
⚠️ Watch out

In the product pages, both the domain name and the category in which the product is located are not included in the URL. Remember to add them if you do a copy and paste and don't forget the .html at the end.

Shopping cart page 

Now let's put a product in the shopping cart to retrieve the URL of your shopping cart page. Click on Add to cart, then My basket on your product page. Here’s your shopping cart page: 


If you don’t yet have a product published on your store (and therefore can’t put anything in the shopping cart), you can retrieve the URL of your shopping cart page by simply clicking on the Shopping cart icon at the top right of your store. The URL is the same whether or not your shopping cart is full.

Order confirmation page

If you’ve put a product in the shopping cart, you can continue your order process here and go to your order confirmation page (the page that thanks your customer for placing an order with your store and informs them that an email will be sent to them). Confirm your order, by paying for it by check for example if you don’t yet have an active payment method (see our dedicated tutorial), and go back to your order confirmation page:
 The last segment ?p=lettersandnumbers of the URL is dynamic: it is unique to each order. If you need to send the URL of this confirmation page to a payment organization or to a service that wants to add a conversion tag, for example, you can just ignore this segment and send them the first part of the URL without any problem:

Informative pages

If you’ve created content pages, or if you simply want to find the URL of your legal pages (STC and Legal Notices), you can consult them at the bottom of your page: 
 To find them in your administration area, go to the Content section > Your pages


If you’ve opened a blog on your store (and it contains at least one online article), you’ll be able to find it at the top of the page: 
If the blog hasn't been activated yet, you won’t be able to find its URL in your administration area. You can, however, recreate it easily: 


👉 For further details on the best practices to adopt for structuring your URLs, check out our dedicated blog article: URL structure: A comprehensive guide on optimizing this element for SEO

💬 Feel free to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!