WiziBlocks: the Configuration/SEO tab

Creating a web page optimized for SEO requires meeting certain criteria of form and substance. Our SEO management technology will allow you to optimize the content of your pages in the blink of an eye. Your home page and your informative pages have a Configuration/SEO tab, from which you can configure your information:  




The first Configuration block will allow you to define the various titles of your pages. 

On the homepage 

You will only need to set up one title on your homepage: your H1 title.

This is the title that will be displayed at the top of your site, in the browser tab, next to the favicon.

On informative pages

The titles of your informative pages will require some additional settings:

Here you will enter:

  • the name of your page (which will only be used to find your page within the administration area, it will not be displayed on your website)
  • the title to display in the menu (if you want your page to be displayed with a different name in the footer menu, on your store)
  • your page's H1 title (which will be displayed at the top of your page, below the menu)
  • your page's location in the menu (please note: the sidebar is only visible on your category pages and your informative pages, it is not present on the other pages of your store)


On the homepage

The next block will allow you to customize the title and meta-description of your pages (this is the information that will be displayed in the Google search results). To the extent possible, in order to meet Google's criteria, your title should not exceed 60 characters and your meta-description 160 characters.

In the section dedicated to the homepage, you’ll be able to see an overview of this information on desktop and mobile: 

On the informative pages

In addition to the title and the meta-description, you can customize the URL of your page in the informative pages (which will be pre-filled by default with the title you defined above) and whether your page should be indexed on search engines. By choosing “The page is not indexed”, you’re telling search engines not to index this page. It won't be visible in the results.

SEO analysis

The next block will allow you to analyze your main keyword. Carry out tests of potential keywords here and check that they are present on your page. 

Just follow the colored directions to guide you in optimizing your content. 

Social networks preview

The last block Preview post on social networks (Open Graph) will allow you to customize the display of your pages when they are shared on social media, both in messages (WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, etc.) and in publications. Add an image, a title and a description. You’ll then be able to preview the final rendering when sharing this page via the “Preview” block:



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