Creation of visuals

Thanks to a very simple graphic design software, CANVA, creating and resizing your visuals will no longer hold any secrets for you.  
This software is free and lets you create attractive visuals, just like a pro!
For this, you will have to: 

Either by using design templates or by creating your own custom design:


Here we’re going to take a look at resizing a slideshow visual on the Responsive One template.
Once you’ve selected "Use specific dimensions", it will be a question of filling in the dimensions of the slideshow:



The recommended dimension for the Responsive One template slideshow is 1920 pixels wide.
The height will depend on the rendering you want to have on your homepage. We still recommend that you use a height of 640 to 700 pixels maximum (around 1/3 of the width) so that your slideshow visuals don’t span the full height of your homepage.

💡 Useful tip

Always use the same dimensions for all your slideshow visuals, so the scrolling effect is harmonious! Once the dimension has been chosen, you will arrive on the creation page of your visual. Here’s a video to show you how to make a slideshow visual with Canva:
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💬 Don’t hesitate to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!