Choosing my business strategy

In order to define your project properly, once you have chosen your business model (traditional online store or dropshipping), you need to consider how many products you are going to sell and to whom.
The size of your catalog and the type of target customer you want to reach will determine the type of store you are going to create. 

How many products am I going to sell?

The choice here is easy:

  • Does your catalog contain several products? Our video training will show you how to create a traditional multi-product store.
  • Does your catalog only contain one product? Mono-Product is what you need! Watch our video training and check out our Mono-Product help section to learn how to really promote your product.

What type of customers am I targeting?

Are you going to sell products to professionals or to individuals?

  • If you want a traditional B2C website (Business to Customer), our video training will show you how to create one from start to finish. 
  • If you want to start a B2B business (Business to Business), check our help section for B2B stores to make sure you get all the necessary information.

💬 Please do not hesitate to contact your Business Coaches should you have any questions!