Returns and refunds (Dropshipping)

A dropshipping store should be based on selling small inexpensive products. Returns are not very common. 

If your customer is not satisfied, the idea is that he gets a refund or a new product sent to him. If the product is broken or faulty, the easiest solution is to request a photo of the broken or faulty product, then send it to your supplier and request that it is sent again.

If the customer changed his mind, inform him that he can keep his product and refund him. A profitable dropshipping store is a store with a maximum margin on the products it sells (at least 3 times the initial value). It is therefore always best to avoid returns.


💡 Useful tip 

You can still accept returns in some cases. If the product is in good condition, do not hesitate to let the customer send back the product, this will allow you to keep a small stock. You can send some products quicker to your future customers if needed. 


Having a clear refunds and returns policy for your store can reassure your customers about the management of your customer service. You can easily find many free templates online and use them to write your own. Even if you do not offer returns, the simple fact that your operating mode is explained clearly on your store will have a significant impact on the quality of your service. 


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