Use of product variants

Variants allow you to offer your customer different options for a single product (size, color, shoe size, pattern, etc.) They can be used in numerous ways to create a whole range within the same product. You can make your variants optional or mandatory, edit their display, manage a particular parameter (reference, weight, stock, photo or price for each option), link several variants together, etc.

To create a new variant or use an existing one on a new product, go to your administration area, in your product page and click on the “Variations” tab.

I - What types of variants can I create? 

  • Simple variants (example: T-shirt size) - Find out more
  • Optional variants (example: product guarantee extension) - Find out more
  • Multiple variants combined in one product (example: customizable gift baskets) - Find out more
  • Variants composed of other products from your catalog (example : bundles) - Find out more
  • Custom-made variants - Find out more
  • Variants with global stock management - Find out more


II - What can I do with variants?

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