Create and set up a custom-made variation

When you create a product with variations, you can choose between a simple variation, an option or a custom-made variation. This last option allows you to customize your variation precisely.
This way you can manage the display of your variations on the website. If you propose only one choice to your client, you can present the variation as a drop menu or a radio button. If you allow several choices, you can choose checkboxes.  



You can then define the different settings to be taken into account in your variation: the weight of each choice of your variation, its reference, its photo, its price and its stock. If you manage the stock, you have the choice between conventional management and global management of quantities.


Global stock management deducts automatically the quantity of products sold with every order. This solution is chosen in 95% of cases. Global management defines a general quantity (example : 100 units) and a quantity to deduct with each choice (example : choice 1 – 20 units / choice 2 – 35 units…). 
Finally you can define two parameters. The first one if your variation is compulsory or not. The second one if your client may add a quantity on each of the variation's choices. In this case, you can define a minimum (for example : 1) and a maximum (for example : 10).



These different settings are saved for this product but you can use the same variation (same choices, same titles…) with a different configuration for another product.

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