Setting up a stock alert for my customers

When one of your products is out of stock, you can offer the customer to be alerted when the product is available again.  

To set up this feature, go to Settings (cogwheel) > Stocks , and set up your stock so that: 

  • “Products that are out of stock are visible on the website( 1 )
  • "The visitor can leave their email to be notified when the product is available again” ( 2 )



A new button “Notify me as soon as this product is available” will now appear on the out-of-stock products:



Your customer will simply have to click the button and fill out their email address to be alerted when you restock the product in question:



The added bonus: thanks to this feature, you also give your customers and visitors the opportunity to subscribe to your newsletter. When you restock the products concerned, the emails will be automatically sent to your customers!

💡 Tip: The default sentence that is displayed when your products are no longer in stock is “This product is no longer in stock. We will be restocked very soon”.

Via the settings of the general stock rules, you can customize this sentence:

Click on “Display the default sentence if the stock is 0” and select “Display a customized sentence” :



You can then add a new sentence or select from one of the previously created sentences.

💬 Do not hesitate to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!