Order notifications

Your store is now open, and you are ready to receive your first order! Here, we will see how you can be notified when a new order is placed on your store.

You can receive different types of notifications:  


It is the most common type of notification. You can add one or more email addresses to receive a notification for every new order. To set up your notification address, go to Settings (cogwheel) > Orders & Invoices. You can enter several email addresses separated by « ; ».

Notification on your administration area

When you work on your store, you are notified immediately if a new order has just been placed on your website. This notification appears at the very top of the page, it can be closed at any time.

If you wish to see your new orders, just click on « Display ». You will be redirected to the list of orders in a new tab.

RSS feed

An RSS feed is also available on a private protected address for your orders. This allows you to receive information about every new order very easily. To retrieve the address of the RSS feed, go to your administration space, same section as mentioned above: Settings (cogwheel) > Orders & Invoices. In the "Orders" tab, you can retrieve the address of your RSS feed.



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