Outsource my logistics

When you work using dropshipping, your shipments are managed directly by your supplier. Your logistics are therefore already subcontracted.   
But when you operate through direct selling, you are responsible for your shipments. Some merchants prefer to outsource this part of their business to focus on other aspects of their project.

Definition and presentation

Logistics, which is known in the e-commerce industry as e-logistics, can be defined as an essential component of e-commence aimed at managing the entire chain. The process can be broken down as follows:

  • Receipt and packing of products, which consists of sorting and potentially labeling;
  • Storage;
  • Picking (moving products to prepare orders);
  • Preparation of the order (packaging and printing of the delivery note, accompanying cards);
  • Collection by carriers who take over the next step.

All these steps must be carried out using tracking tools to allow you to better track the various stages of preparation and provide customers with all the information about their orders in real-time. You have two possibilities here: either you decide to manage the logistics yourself, or you outsource the logistics activity, and you then use logistics platforms.

Why choose a logistics platform?

If you are starting your business, you may choose to manage shipments yourself in the beginning, as the initial volume of orders of a store generally allows it for a certain period of time. However, you must plan for a potential take-off of your activity and begin to think of a clear strategy for outsourcing your logistics. When the volume of daily orders no longer allows you to manage your shipments yourself, it will be too late.
You will be required to ship a large number of orders as quickly as possible, which managing variable peaks in sales according to the days and seasons. To address this major issue, you will inevitably be required to outsource your logistics activity by using a logistics platform. Be careful not to confuse the logistics side (storage, packing, etc.) with the transport side; these are two very separate components in the sales process, as very few providers offer an end-to-end solution. However, logistics platforms partner with numerous shipping companies, and generally offer preferential prices for their customers.

How do I work with a logistics technician on WiziShop?

If you wish to work with your logistics technician, our API can allow you to easily create an interface.  
Here you will find our API documentation to send to your logistics technician. 
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