Use of product segments

The Product Segments tool will allow you to create dynamic product selections to sort or make changes more easily. To create a segment, go to your list of products and click Create a new segment:


You can filter your products according to different criteria:

  • Their category(ies)
  • Their date of creation
  • Their date of publication
  • Their EAN 13 number
  • Their product reference
  • Their supplier reference
  • Their selection status (promoted on the home page)
  • Their status (published, unavailable, draft...)
  • Their supplier
  • Their identification number (ID)
  • Their ISBN number
  • Their brand
  • Their keywords
  • Their name
  • Their number of sales
  • If the product is marked as new
  • If the product has customization
  • If the product has variants
  • Their weight
  • Their price
  • Their purchase price
  • Their stock
  • Their type of discount (promotion or sales)
  • The value of this discount
  • If the product has variants (for custom templates only)


All these filters can be combined in order to refine your search. For example, you will be able to quickly select all products over €50 that have been sold more than twice and are currently on promotion!

Conversely, you can expand your segment by combining several options in the same filter. For example, the product segment contained in categories A, B and C.


In addition to these filters, you can manually add one or more products to your segment.
You will therefore be able to create as many segments as you want. Each segment will update automatically as soon as a new product meets the selected criteria!
💬 Do not hesitate to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!