Modify a client's personal data

If your client has mistakenly entered an incorrect email address or the wrong telephone number, you can modify their personal data.   
To modify your client's first and last name, title, email address and/or password, go to the section Orders > View all customers, then search the name, ID or e-mail address in the search bar:


On the customer page, click on the client's name to open the page. In the Main details tab, click on "Modify the customer": 

Correct the data entered by your client and/or reset the password, then click on "OK" to validate:


If you wish to modify personal data such as your client's phone number or invoicing address, you can connect to your client's account from you store (note that this can be done by the client). 
Go to your store and click on "Log in/My account":


Enter your client's email address (You can find it in the section General Information of the customer page, in the section Orders > View all customers. As an administrator, you can enter any password then click on Sign in to open your client's account. 
In section "Personal Information/My account", you can modify your client's title, first and last names, company, telephone number, invoicing address and delivery address. 
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