Automatic follow-ups marketing campaigns

In addition to the emailing campaign, you can very simply configure automatic follow-ups to be sent to your customers according to your criteria. Simply go to the Marketing > Communication section in your administration area and select the desired campaign.
Here is a detailed presentation of the automatic follow-ups by email.

Create an automatic follow-up.

The tool offers you 8 pre-configured scenarios (depending on your offer):


  • Abandoned shopping cart: follows up with your customers who do not finalize their orders.
  • Pending payment: follows up with customers who have not confirmed their orders.
  • Birthday: you can wish a happy birthday to your beloved customers.
  • Customers subscribed to the newsletter: thank the people who subscribe to your newsletter, for example.
  • First order: you can now schedule an email X days after your customer's first order.
  • Last order: you can also follow up with your customer if they have not placed an order on your store for X days. Each customer will only receive this follow-up email once.
  • Number of orders: the follow-up will be sent if your customer exceeds a certain number of confirmed orders.
  • Total amount of the purchases: the follow-up email will be sent automatically if your customer exceeds a certain total purchase amount.

Once your scenario is selected, you will access the email creation tool similar to that for your email campaigns. 
You will be able to create your email directly in HTML in order to have free rein over the design; otherwise, you can use our simplified visual tool with many layouts. In addition, you will be able to insert variants, for example, the name and surname of your customer in order to personalize your email even more.
Finally, you will have access to all the statistics. This way, you'll be able to measure the reach of each follow up and know exactly to whom they are sent, who made a purchase, and how much they revenue they generated for you.

The advantages of our automatic follow-up tool.

Send a follow-up to a specific customer segment.

You can specify a particular customer segment. For example, you can send a "Happy Birthday" only to your regular customers (using their RFM profile). You can also decide to promote certain products with a nice discount. By segmenting, you can create a follow-up for women and a follow-up for men, with a selection of products adapted to each case!

Send multiple emails for a type of follow up.

You can create multiple emails for one type of follow up. This can be used in the previous example by applying a different segment to each email, but it is also useful to implement different levels of message.

A specific example: you schedule an abandoned cart follow up 1 hour after the start of the customer's order. This follow up is quite friendly, you just ask if the customer needs help to finalize their order, for example. You can also schedule a 2nd follow-up after 24 hours, this time a little more persuasive with an attractive discount code.
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