Customize my ordering process

The first step to optimize your sales funnel will be to make it as easy as possible to place an order on your store, by creating a simple and clear path for your customers. Their purchasing experience must be quick and smooth. WiziShop provides you with many options for customizing the ordering process, and you can configure them from the Settings > Store settings section.


Product page

The optimization of your sales funnel must first take place on your product page, since it is the very first step of the ordering process for your customer. On WiziShop, some options will allow you to make browsing your shop, from the product page to the shopping cart, as easy as possible, and thus increase your chances of conversion.

👉 Product page options

👉 Share buttons


Ordering process

The next step in your ordering process will be in the product lists and the shopping cart. Here you can completely customize your customer's purchasing experience.

👉 Quick order

👉 Optional shopping cart services

👉 Message in the shopping cart

👉 Special offer in the shopping cart

👉 Additional options


Advanced options

In the advanced options, you can restrict the display of your store to minors and customize your cookies window

👉 Restrict website viewing (-18 years)

👉 Request permission to use cookies
💬 Don’t hesitate to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!