Setting up the B2B option on my store

On WiziShop, you can sell your products directly to businesses, with restricted access to registered customers only. Here is how the B2B option works. When the feature is enabled on your store, visitors who are not logged in will see : 

  • Your products, but not their price 
  • A "Contact us" button instead of "Add to cart"

If a business wishes to create an account on your store, they will simply have to send a request using the registration form you will have created beforehand. The form will allow you to request all the necessary information to confirm your customer's registration.

Once the form is completed by your customer, you receive an email listing all the information your customer provided in the form. You can then create an account for them on your store. You will then provide them with their login details via email.

Once the customer is logged in on your store: 

  • The price of your products is visible
  • The “Add to cart” button is displayed on your product pages
  • Your customer can order your products

To enable this feature, your store must be launched to the public. You must also contact the Business Coaches team to enable it. 

💬 Feel free to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!