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B2B : Features and Prices

With WiziShop / Dropizi, you can offer your products directly to professionals, with restricted access to customers registered on your store. This is the B2B functionality.

How to activate the B2B feature on my store?

To activate this feature, you need to contact the Business Coach team directly from your chat area and make a request.

B2B features

When the functionality is activated on your store and a visitor is not identified on your store:

  • The prices of your products are hidden
  • The "Add to cart" button is replaced by "Contact us"
  • The automatic registration form is hidden

If a professional wishes to register on your store, he will just have to make the request via the registration form that you will have created, and on which you will be able to ask him for all the necessary information to verify his professional status (Siret number, etc).

Once the request is made, you will receive an email listing all the information entered in the form, and you will register this professional on your store (as the site administrator, you alone have access to the registration process). You will then send him his login details to your store by e-mail.

Once your customer is connected to your store:

  • The prices of your products are visible
  • The "Add to cart" button is again present on your product sheets
  • Your customer can order your products

B2B prices

The B2B activation option is totally free and does not change your subscription.


☝️ Good to know

If you want to have 2 stores, one store that works in B2C and one store that works in B2B, you must have 2 separate stores with a multishop subscription.


💬 Feel free to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!