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Facebook Messenger: Add a chat bubble on my store

Adding a chat bubble to your store can offer many benefits to your business and your customers. It's a quick and easy way for your customers to ask questions or request help in real time, without having to look up a phone number or email address, you help them overcome obstacles that might prevent them from completing their purchase, which can increase conversion rates and help build a better customer relationship.

A chat bubble can also be used to gather feedback and suggestions from customers, which can help your business improve based on customer needs.

You can install a Facebook Messenger conversation bubble on your store through a script.

Creating your account

Installing the chat bubble on your store 

Retrieving the script

Once the 5 previous steps finalized :

  • Select the "I will install the code myself" option
  • Copy the code
  • Click on "Confirm"

Adding the script

To add the script to our solution :

  • Go to your administration area, in Settings (cogwheel) > Tags & External services > Manage my scripts
  • Click on the "Add a new script" button
  • Paste the script you had copied from Facebook and :
    • Name your script "Facebook Messenger"
    • Select "Classic website + mobile version"
    • Select "On all the website pages"
    • Select "At the beginning of the content <body>"
    • Save your script
  • Be sure to leave the "This script does not require RGPD validation" box unchecked. 

To work properly, the Facebook Messenger script needs to track the actions and data of users who visit your store. In accordance with GDPR, your visitor can now choose not to share this information with the third-party services you use. 👉 Learn more (GDPR section).

Your script is now set up!

👉 Resources

💬 Do not hesitate to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!