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Multishop : Features and Prices

Each of your stores operates on its own subscription plan.

Adding a second store to your WiziShop/Dropizi account can be done very easily from the drop-down menu at the top of your administration.

How to add a new store to my account?

From the "My Stores" drop-down menu, click on the "Add a Store" button.

You will be given several options to copy some of the elements of your current store to your new store:

  • The pages
  • The configuration
  • The design
  • The products

Check the elements you want to duplicate, and click on "Confirm".

☝️ Good to know

The stock of your duplicated products that have the same reference on all your stores will be automatically synchronized (if a unit is ordered on one of your stores, the global stock of the product will be updated on all stores).

Multishop features

Stock synchronization via the Multishop

If you have the same products (with the same references) on several of your stores, their stock is automatically synchronized. When an order arrives at one of your stores, the stock is decremented in the same way on all your stores. In the same way, any stock movement, whether manual (modification on your side) or automatic (following the cancellation of an order), adjusts your stocks on all your stores.

To manage your stocks in mass on all your stores, go to Products > Stocks & Prices. Here you can filter your stocks by store and the pictogram on the left warns you if one of your references is used in several stores.

Copying products to another store

If you have several stores, you can transfer some products from one store to another.

To do this, simply go to your product list, and check the products you want to copy using the filters and product segments at the top of the page, then click on the "Copy to" button.

You will then have the choice to transfer these products to one or the other of your stores.

⚠️ Attention

The variations of your products cannot be duplicated.
If you are dropshipping, you will have to re-import your products with variations on your second store, thanks to the Dropizi extension. You can modify or add elements to your newly copied products (price, description, category, etc.) as you wish.
In order to synchronize your inventory between all your stores, you will need to keep the same reference for your product on all your stores.
If the reference is already present in your destination store, the product will not be copied.


💬 Feel free to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!